Guide to help design a website

This Guide should answer some questions you may have on what is needed to get the website started.

1. Choosing the Domain Name:
Select a domain name that is easy for your customers to remember, not too long, meaning full to your business. Try to have a couple of names in mind as some of them may be taken. Here are some of the more common domain name endings; “.com”, “.net”, “.org”. Selecting_a_domain_name

2. Gathering Data for your site:
Get all of your business information; artwork, logo, pictures, colors, ideas on buttons or menus, even a reference to another website you may have liked. Think about how many pages you may want; Home, About Us, Contact Us, Products, Services. The written text you will be providing me for each page would be best if it was written in notepad.exe

3. First Meeting regarding your Website:
We will discuss the idea(s) you have regarding your website, what you want the website to do for your business; here is a website_checklist that will help answer some of the questions you may have.

4. Pricing of Your Site:
This is based on the number of pages, customized artwork, E-Commerce (PAYPAL) that you decide to add to your website, please reference our Plans. 1/3 of the price would be due once you accept the proposal and the balance due at completion.

5. Rough Draft of Website:
Once you have accepted the proposal, and I have received the 1/3 deposit, I will put together a rough draft of a site with colors, buttons, text, artwork, etc… and I will post it on my temporary URL for you to view and as I make changes this temp URL will be updated. Changes should always be emailed to me for the quickest response.

6. Hosting the Website Live on the World Wide Web:
Once the site has been approved it will be ready for uploading to the Hosting provider.

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