Website Checklist

PC-NetworkX – Website Check List

1) Name of Owner:____________________________________________________

2) Business Name:____________________________________________________

3) Business Type (Industry):______________________________________________

4) Current email address:________________________________________________

5) Phone Number:______________________________________________________

6) Reason for contacting PC-NetworkX:

__ Website Design
__ Website Redesign
__ Hosting

7) Do you currently have a Domain Name: __ Yes If Yes: www.____________________________

If Yes, do you have more than one Domain Registered:

1st Domain choice: www._______________________
2nd Domain Choice: www._______________________
3rd Domain Choice: www.________________________

8) Interested in Hosting: __ Yes __ No

9) What is your timeframe for a Completion Date:_______________________________________

10) The Purpose for Creating or Redesigning your Website:

__New Image for Company
__Attract New Customer

11) What information do you want your visitors to get your Website:
a. _____________________________________________

b. _____________________________________________

12) What are your goals for this Business Website:

a. _____________________________________________________________

b. _____________________________________________________________

c. _____________________________________________________________

13) How many pages were you thinking of having on your website? And what would the title of
those pages be: # of Pages:________________

a. __Home __About Us __Contact Us
b. __Services __Specials __Products
c. __Testimonials __FAQ’s __Other

14) Can you list some of your competitors:
a. _________________________________________________
b. _________________________________________________
c. _________________________________________________

15) Can you list some websites that you have seen that you like and what you liked about them:
a. __________________________________________________
b. __________________________________________________
c. __________________________________________________
d. __________________________________________________

16) Do you currently have a Logo for your business?: __Yes __No

17) Do you want to have a custom Logo? __Yes __No __Just Text

18) What Colors are you looking towards for your Website:
a. __________________________________________________
b. __________________________________________________

19) Is there a Special font you want to use? I normally use ARIAL: __Yes __No

20) Any special features you want/need on your site:
a. __Video b. __Pictures c. __ Other


21) Free Updates are included in all of PC-NetworkX Design/Hosting Packages!

22) Anything That we may have missed to ask you?:______________________

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